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Best Workout Shoes


Do you feel like your New Year fitness resolution is a mess? Don’t worry; it is for most people. Sometimes it’s the stress of the day. The world is too fast-paced, and everyone’s got a million and one things on their mind. As a result, working out is never really on the calendar. Sometimes, however, you really want to work out, but when you check through your workout gear, you realize that there’s nothing of value.

Having the right workout shoes is beneficial in many ways. Not only does it make your workout seamless, it mentally spurs you to go for that run or power lift. The right shoe is a big part of the workout process. When you have beautiful, durable shoes, you’re more motivated to meet your workout goals and keep your New Year’s resolution. Today, we’ll be aiding you in your workout journey by providing you with some of the best shoes to aid various types of workouts.

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What Are Workout Shoes?

Also called cross-trainers, athletic shoes, tennis shoes, sports shoes, runners, gym shoes or trainers, workout shoes are footwear worn primarily for sports and exercise activities. These shoes are built to accommodate pressure and high impact and provide maximum comfort for the feet during these activities.

Workout shoes provide support for movements like jumping, cutting, changing directions quickly and breaking. It ensures that the feet stay stable during these motions and protects the ankles from dislocation when making sudden movements. In addition, these shoes cushion the legs during landing or fall, limiting how much impact it receives and protecting against nerve pains.

Workout shoes became more popular in the mid-20th century by companies like Converse, Nike, and Spalding. Today, over 30 brands make these athletic shoes, including giants like Addidas, Puma, Jordan, Shaq, reebok and new balance.

Types of workout shoes

Types of Workout Shoes

Workout shoes have differing qualities and provide different degrees of protection based on the kind of activities they’re used for. In light of that, there are eight major categories of

1. Running shoes: running shoes are high-impact shoes that can withstand excessive force and pressure and provide the best possible protection for the feet and ankles. These shoes have great shock absorption properties and have a spring-like feel that enhances forward propulsion. These shoes are widely used by track athletes and provide more protection when running than generic sneakers.

2. Walking shoes: Walking shoes are designed to provide maximum support and shock-absorption for the portions of the feet most engaged during walking, i.e., the toes and ball of the feet. These shoes are designed with a rounded sole that allows easy rolling from the toes to the balls. Unlike most other walking shoes, walking shoes are incredibly lightweight but durable. They are mostly used by those engaging in walking marathons or brisk walks for weight loss.

3. Tennis shoes: Although most workout shoes can be used for tennis, proper tennis shoes are designed to support athletes’ various movements during tennis games. Tennis involves a lot of forward movement but a mostly sideways movement to meet serves. Thus, tennis shoes are reinforced on the sides, providing maximum ankle and feet protection during these sideways motions.

4.    Cross-trainers: Cross-trainers are versatile workout shoes that can be used for various activities. They provide less protection for forward and sideways movements than running or tennis shoes but more protection than regular sneakers. These shoes are mostly employed in indoor aerobic exercises. They are great for people that find themselves playing engaged in different workouts.

5.    Basketball shoes: They are designed for fast movement. They have dense and stiff soles to help provide stability and balance. In addition, they have high-top designs and extra ankle support to protect the ankles from injury.

6. Weightlifting or powerlifting shoes: Weightlifting shoes help athletes generate more power by providing an extremely stable base to maintain balance. The soles have minimal padding, allowing the weightlifter closer to the ground for more power. However, they are reinforced to prevent slips and ankle injuries. The heels are also elevated to provide support when squatting.

7.   Rock climbing shoes: These shoes are designed for traction. The sole of the shoes has a curved design that plants the toes and heels firmly to the ground and allows for more grip during rock climbing.

8.   Cycling shoes: Cycling shoes are designed with stiff soles that allow cyclists to pedal hard and fast.

Best Workout Shoes

Men and women have anatomical differences in the shape of their feet. For example, while men tend to have wider heels and slimmer toes, women have wider forefoot and slimmer heels. Thus, men’s and women’s shoes are designed differently to reflect these anatomical differences.

Here, we look at some of the best workout shoes for men and women.

Best Workout Shoes for Men

Running shoes: HOKA ONE ONE men’s Clifton 8 running shoes

This shoe is renowned for its comfort and cushion and how smooth it makes running. The shoe is singed to fit perfectly for the fit, giving great lockdown. Interestingly, it is incredibly lightweight but still very durable and offers great value for money. Its numerous qualities make it the best running shoes available. 

Walking Shoes: Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Prime Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

This shoe is lightweight, strong and comfortable to wear. They are made with hard-wearing and waterproof material to help protect against damage. They also come with Vibram soles for grip on any surface, be it terrain, ice, snow etc., while also giving you the necessary stability and support for your feet.

Cycling: Nike SuperRep Cycle Men’s Indoor Cycling Shoes

This type of shoe is comfortable with a nice look. It allows you to control the pedal with your leg without struggles, giving you power over your pedal. It allows you to use your hamstrings, core and glutes easily while also enjoying the workout. It gives extra body stability and prevents foot and ankle injury.

Training: Adidas Ultraboost 5.0 DNA Shoes

This shoe is best for training; it prevents pain in your feet even after long hours of training. It is durable, has high-quality features, is comfortable and versatile. You can find it in different colors and styles.

workout shoes for women

Best Workout Shoes for Women

Running: Brooks Women’s Ghost 13 Running Shoe

This type of running shoe is best for women. It has an extra cushion that helps to prevent injury. It is durable, and you can get them in different sizes and colors.

Cycling: SoulCycle x Pearl Izumi Legend 2.0 Cycling Shoes

These shoes are breathable, comfortable to wear and provide stability in handling pedals while cycling. In addition, they protect the ankle during the sprint and push resistance.

Weightlifting Workout Shoes

Weightlifting workout shoes are workout shoes worn for lifting barbells and dumbbells. Weightlifting is a strength training exercise that helps to build muscle, enhance stability and promote weight loss. Weightlifting shoes, also called powerlifting shoes, are specifically designed for this purpose.

Weightlifting shoes allow you to push through the floor easily, producing more force during lifting. In addition, these shoes provide you with safety when lifting, allowing you to weightlift without fear. Good weightlifting shoes allow for better distribution and transfer of weight when lifting. They are characterized by thick soles and solid high heels that help maintain balance for squatting.

Benefits of Weightlifting Shoes

1.      It Helps To Increase Your Lifting Power

Weightlifting shoes help to improve performance. This is because they are specifically designed to provide you with support and balance during weightlifting. This support, in turn, helps to improve your performance.

2.      Deeper Squats

The elevated heels of weightlifting shoes allow you to use your musculature more efficiently. In addition, the elevated heels provide a broader range of motion for the ankle joints. This allows the lifter to settle more comfortably into a deeper squatting position that helps to build the torso.

3.      Increased Hypertrophy

Weightlifting shoes allow lifters to lift heavier loads, promoting muscle bulking and hypertrophy.

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Best Weightlifting Shoes for Men and Women

There are different weightlifting shoes, some are specifically designed for men, and some are specifically designed for women. These weightlifting shoes mentioned below are for both men and women.

1.      Reebok Legacy Lifter II for Women

Reebok’s signature weightlifting shoes are designed and known for their stability and performance. Reebok legacy lifter II weightlifting shoes have ETC anti-microbial lining, Achilles padding, and a high-grip rubber outsole that helps for grip and prevent injury. If you love higher heel height for weightlifting, this is the best choice with durability features.

2.       Under Armor TriBase Reign 4

Under armor TriBase Reign 4 weightlifting shoes are specifically designed for serious weightlifting or other complex training like cross-training and CrossFit. They have Micro G Foam midsole and TriBase outsole features that provide good stability. In addition, it has a rubber outsole that helps with cushioning and increasing performance for weightlifting. Whether it is lunges or splint movement, it works best for both.

3.      Adidas AdiPower II

Adidas Adipower Weightlifting II has powerlifting features. It is breathable, has reinforced inner forefoot and heel with a 20.1mm lift, padding in the rear, and uses TPU material to ensure stability. In addition, it has a wide sole, stiff heel, woven upper and flexible midsole with no metal support for comfortability.

4.      Adidas Powerlift 4

It has almost the same features as Adidas AdipowerII. Adidas Powerlift 4 is known for providing stability and lockdown. They have good grip, solid heels, rubber outsoles, and are lightweight; these features help with squat and deadlifts.

Best workout shoes


It is important to note that there are different workout shoes, and each of them has its unique attributes. For example, running shoes are different from cycling workout shoes. Each shoe is designed for its specific purpose and may limit you when you try to use it for something else.

Always check the features of the workout shoes you get. Although men’s and women’s workout shoes are different, you may be able to interchange them, provided they’re the right size. If you’re planning to build muscle through powerlifting, ensure to get the powerlifting shoes that provide enough balance and power distribution for such activities and ensure you’re taking the right supplements. Remember, the right shoes can spur you to meet your goals.

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