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Organic spices: why you need them

Page Description: Perhaps you happen to be among those who would turn down a meal at the sight of herbs or certain ingredients or perhaps you dread how a meal can taste when a blend of spices is put into it, well, guess what? You need not be afraid!

Spice and spice blends are beneficial to you in several ways than you can begin to imagine and maybe even if you or your body system is not able to accommodate all (which is not bad by the way), you can learn to take in at least some of them. This article talks about what they are, their examples, and how they can be of great benefit to you when consumed. Shall we?

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What are organic spices?

Simply put, spices are dried forms of seeds, roots, barks, or plant substances that are used to flavor or color meals. They could also be used as seasonings and preservatives for meals.  However, organic spices are those substances that are non-irradiated nor are they grown with any form of chemicals like pesticides, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), synthetic agents, or additives. 

Types of organic spices

Is it safe to say that spices add spice to life? Well, maybe they do, not just with their flavors but also with their colors. These non-GMO spices from different parts of the world help you enjoy the perfect flavorful meal with your partner, family, and loved ones. There are several types of spices and herbs some of which are cardamom, anise seed, black pepper, capers, garlic, turmeric, ginger, mace, nutmeg, tamarind, cinnamon, allspice, bay leaf, saffron, and cloves. 

Organic spices as a means of treatment

Recall that we have established that organic spices have numerous benefits to the body system. Let’s examine some of these spices and learn their roles in the body and how they help in fighting against diseases or infections as the case may be. 

1.    Cardamom

This spice can increase the metabolism rate, aid the digestion process, improve blood circulation and reduce spasms. Not only these, but it also provides the body with some of the essential vitamins needed for growth like vitamin C, riboflavin, and minerals like potassium and iron. 

2.    Anise seed

Need an immune system boost? Think anise seed! This spice has several properties including antiseptic, digestive, antioxidant, and stimulant properties enriched in it. Also, like cardamom, it is a great source of vitamins and minerals.

3.    Black pepper

This is inarguably one of the most popular spices in the world that are loaded with health benefits. It helps in controlling blood pressure and heart rate and guess what? It could also prevent cancer because of its antioxidant properties.  You should also not underestimate its ability to reduce inflammation and excess gas. 

4.    Capers 

Capers help in the prevention of cancer. It also serves as an immunity booster, reduces clotting, increases circulation, and reduces illnesses. You guessed right if you thought it also provides vitamins and minerals just like its counterparts. It does!

5.    Garlic

The smell of garlic is a turnoff to many. However, this does not stop it from adding a distinct flavor to your meal. It also fights high blood pressure, cold and cough, and heart disorders. 

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6.    Turmeric 

What this spice is best known for is its anti-inflammatory properties. Having menstruation problems? Trust this spice to your rescue to give you some ease! It also aids skin care and serves as a detoxifier for the body. 

7.    Ginger

To many, ginger is one of the ingredients you should find in the kitchen all the time. Perhaps because ginger is known for its ability in aiding digestion, or because it is a great booster of appetite that also prevents cancer and improves respiratory conditions. 

8.    Mace

Want to turn up the heat in your bedroom? Try mace. This spice can increase sexual libido in partners. Not only this, but it also is a great booster of the immune system. It reduces depression, insomnia, and excess gas. If you also desire healthy skin, a boost in your hair health, and an increase in circulation to all your body parts, mace works.

9.    Nutmeg

This is a popular spice used in baking and other culinary methods. It is a great source of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that are needed for the body’s system. It can fight fungal infections, prevent macular degeneration, improve digestion and reduce the chances of developing cancer. 

10.    Bay leaf

This spice is a very popular spice around the world with amazing benefits even though some people would painstakingly remove every piece of bay leaf they find in their food. Bay leaf can boost immunity, and protect one’s oral health, hair care, and skincare.  It also prevents cancer and blood-related conditions like anemia and reduces neural tube defects.

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Application of spice in your diet

To enjoy the numerous benefits of each spice, you can apply it in various ways in your dishes, some of which are listed below:

1.     Cinnamon: You can try sprinkling some cinnamon powder on your cereal, fruits, or yogurt. Another way is to use it as a meat rub or add it to chili and stews. Note that while cinnamon is a great addition to a diabetic lifestyle, it is not to be taken as a replacement for diabetes medications. You can also make apple cinnamon bread, cinnamon oats, and apple cinnamon granola clusters with it. 

2.    Ginger: You can add this organic spice to your diet by adding it to your smoothies and stir-fry dishes. Or, as it were, you could sip it in tea. If you won’t mind adding it to baked products and salad dressings, sure, go ahead! For younger people, ginger is available in candies, lollipops, and teas. Cranberry sauce, stir-fry sauce, and instant pot lentil curry are some of the dishes you can prepare with ginger.

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3.    Cayenne: This spice is spicy so it comes in handy whenever you want to add some heat to your food like chili, stews, meat, and soups. Want something out of the usual? Try adding a reasonable amount to hot chocolate. As recipe inspiration, you could make taco hummus, bean chili, or sweet potato black bean chili with it.

4.    Garlic:    Feel free to incorporate garlic into savory dishes. Whether fresh or powdered, you can add garlic together with some pepper and olive oil to flavor your vegetables. For a meat rub, use garlic with rosemary. Also, like ginger, you can sprinkle it on salad dressings and in soups as well. 

5.    Turmeric: You don’t have to be an Indian to put turmeric in your dishes. Looking for how to add this spice to your diet asides from the Indian curry dish? You can rub it on some roasted meats and vegetables, create a curry or just sprinkle it in tacos. You can create dishes like creamy coconut lentil curry, turmeric hummus, or rainbow veggie pizza with it.

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How to use organic spices

In both dried and fresh forms, the benefits of spice or mixes remain. However, experts have observed that when these spices are fried or grilled, it decreases the antioxidants in them. Simmering, stewing, and microwave cooking on the other hand will do quite the opposite – and increase their antioxidant levels.  Also, to enhance the flavor of the organic spices, it is best to bloom them first in oil before you add the other cooking ingredients. Heat the oil and add ground spices over medium to low heat until fragrant.

General benefits of organic spices

Organic spices provide a better taste than conventional ones because they do not contain any chemicals or preservatives and neither are they adulterated. Instead, the phytonutrients in these spices develop well on their own in rich soils, which in turn provides a fertile platform for the flavor in them to develop.  They also contain richer nutrients, unlike conventional spices that have non-caking ingredients and preservatives in them.

Storage of organic spices

As much as you can, store your organic spices away from sunlight. You can place them in the dry areas in your kitchen like on racks, in cupboards, and drawers. You could have a rotating rack in the kitchen that would hold your favorite spice blends and keep them in sight while you prepare every meal. If you prefer to store the spices in glass containers, ensure that the lids will fit tightly so that you are guaranteed the preservation of the quality and flavor of the spices. 

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Infusing spice or spice blends into your meals or modifying your existing recipes will not only improve your health, but it will also help you to improve the taste of your food. We hope that when next you have your loved ones and friends over at your home, you would reach for your favorite organic spice in its rack and add it to the dish. Don’t worry, it is okay to start with less and add more over time as you become more comfortable using these herbs and mixes. 


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