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HIIT Routines for Beginners

HIIT Routines for Beginners

HIIT Routines for Beginners

Do you want to burn fat and build muscles but don’t have enough time to spare at the gym? You might want to check out high-intensity interval training (HIIT) routines.

We have compiled a list of HIIT workout routines that are specifically created to cater to fitness beginners.

1. The 15-Minute Kettlebell Routine

The 15-Minute Kettlebell Routine

A kettlebell is great not just in working your midsection but also in torching fat. You double the kettlebell and you also duplicate the result. Two kettlebells will get your muscles firing, lungs burning, and heart pumping. This is surely one of the fastest ways to get a leaner body.

Double kettlebell swing


Rest: 0 seconds

Hold a kettlebell in each hand while standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Take the weights through your legs by hinging your waist and push your hips forward. Continue until you raise the weights at shoulder length. 

Double kettlebell clean

Reps: 10 

Rest: 0 seconds

Drive your hips forward and swing the kettlebells between your legs. Draw your elbows back and slide your hands under and around the bells once they pass stomach height. 

Double kettlebell press

Reps: 10 

Rest: 0 seconds

Hold the kettlebells by your shoulders while both of your elbows are tucked in your side. Slowly press your weights over your head.

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Kettlebell squat press

Reps: 5, each side 

Rest: 0 seconds

Start in a standing position with the kettlebells in the rack position. Then, go into a deep squat.  Move the kettlebells over your head one at a time.

Kettlebell row

Reps: 5, each side 

Rest: 2 minutes

Stand tall with each of your hands holding the kettlebell. Brace your core and keep your legs straight. Then, hinge forward from the hips and row the weights up to your side one at a time. 

2. The 15-minute Simple HIIT Full Body Routine

The 15-minute Simple HIIT Full Body Routine

This workout is ideal for a complete beginner. Plus, you can do this combination of bodyweight exercises and cardio anytime and anywhere. 

Do the following circuits five times, with one-minute rest between each round.

10 Pushups

On the ground, position your hands at a shoulder-width apart. Bend your elbows and slowly lower them towards the ground. Keep a 45-degree angle of your elbow to your body. Perform 10 pushups. 

20 Jumping jacks

Start at a standing position, with both arms at your sides and legs together. Slightly bend your knees and jump into the air. Spread your legs and stretch your arms out as you jump. Jump back to the starting position. Repeat 20 times. 

10 Modified Burpees

Stand with arms at your side and your feet at shoulder-width apart. Rest your weight on your heels and slowly lower your legs into a squat. Slowly stand back up and raise your hands up towards the sky while you keep your feet planted on the ground. 

Do the squat again and put your hands flat on the ground. Then,  slowly step your feet back one at a time into a plank position. Lower your knees to the ground and perform a modified pushup. Next, raise up into a plank position. With bended knees, walk your feet forward again one at a time. Reach up towards the sky and do 10 repetitions. 

3. The Lower Body Sculptor Routine

The Lower Body Sculptor Routine

This routine is perfect if you want to get into some fat-burning cardio and work on your endurance and lower body strength. 

Each exercise should be performed for 45 seconds, with 30 seconds of rest in between. Aim for five rounds. 

Air Squats

Start in a standing position, with both toes pointed slightly upward and feet at hip-width apart. Slowly pull your shoulder blades toward each other while slightly pushing out your chest. Then, bring yourself into a squat while keeping your core tight. Raise your arms straight in front of you as you lower down. Finally, come back up by straightening your legs and squeezing your butt. Lower both of your arms back on your side. 

Alternating Lunges

Start in a standing position. Use your left leg to step forward and slowly bend your front knee at least 90 degrees while keeping your rear knee just off the floor. Take a quick pause then slowly push your left foot off the floor. Go back to the starting position as fast as you can. Step forward with your right leg on your next rep and alternate back and forth. 

Wall Squats

Start in a standing position with back and head against the wall. Both arms should be kept at your side while feet at shoulder-width apart. Slowly lower into a squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Hold and repeat.

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Squat jumps

Start in a standing position, with toes slightly turned out and feet at shoulder-width apart. Lower yourself to a squat while you rest your weight on your heels. When you reach the bottom of your squat, drive hard through your heels and legs as you launch straight up. Land softly on your toes and use the momentum from landing to proceed into your next squat. 


Just because you’re a beginner does not mean that you can’t take full advantage of high-intensity interval training. In fact, you must know this truth: HIIT is not exclusive to elite athletes or bodybuilders only. 

However, just like with any fitness endeavor, it is important that you take some precautions for your own safety. It may be tempting to do HIIT every day but it’s a big mistake if you do so. As a beginner, it’s ideal that you do HIIT training two sessions in a week. You can gradually work it up to three or four sessions per week. This gives your body ample time to recover properly. 


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